The best and fastest way to authenticate your users

The HealthCare Authenticator is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that you can embed very quickly and easily into your mobile apps and websites. It can authenticate all your users, secure access to your mobile apps and websites to a certain audience and make sure only HealthCare Professionals are accessing specific content


Provide your users a smooth and universal sign-in and sign-up process. Besides, our authentication allows you to limit access to specified content for certain user types only.

Single sign-on

Your users can register or connect easily with a single login and password that they will also use to access to thousands of other web sites and mobile apps..

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of people who want sign-up or sign-in on your application using the world’s most up-to-date source of healthcare data. Identity verification is part our HealthCare Authenticator SDK but can also be provided as a standalone API.

Bulk integration

Administrators can upload large users’ files for identity verification and SSO account creation.

The same great experience on every device

The same great experience on every device

  • HealthCare Authenticator SDK is available for JavaScript implementation. iOS, Andoid, WordPress and SFDC versions will come soon.
  • Benefit from pre-built layout options and easily customize screens to match your brand's look and feel.

Only pay for what you need and use

Only pay for what you need and use

  • Free access to trial version
  • Customize your solution with any desired combination of SSO, authentication, and/or identity verification
  • Scalable pricing model based on the number of identity verifications
  • Flexible options for support to align with your needs
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HealthCare Authenticator benefits

Implementing the SDK connects you to a powerful network of global patient mobile applications and web portals and provides software, data, a partner ecosystem, and new opportunities for revenue generation. Benefits include:

Time and cost savings

Partner with a trusted data and tech provider to eliminate the need for resource-intensive build and maintenance of user sign-on, authentication, and validation systems

Integration with powerful data

23.1M healthcare professionals, 2.6M healthcare organizations, 114 countries, daily updates

Access to a larger audience

Connection to a SSO system already used by millions of HCPs today to access mobile applications and web portals

Revenue generation opportunities

Implement in-app messaging and notifications for clinical trials recruitment and marketing surveys and add programmatic advertising for new revenue streams