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How do I install the SDK?

See how to install and integrate the SDK within your app or website in the Quick Start Guide.

What language bindings are available?

The SDKs of IQVIA HealthCare Locator enable your apps to set the locale, such as English (default if not set) or French, for multilingual users working with the SDK-integrated search screens in your apps. The locale in the get/search requests from your apps is passed by GraphQL in queries to IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK.

What authentication do I need to use the SDK?

Search requests from the SDK-integrated search screens in your apps must include a subscription key for authentication with IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK. A key is provided for each OS (Android, iOS, and/or JavaScript) you selected for your app during signup. Learn how to get a Free Trial key or a Pro Version subscription key in the Quick Start Guide and how to customize prebuilt screens of the SDKs to include the key.

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